Restaurant Costs Calculator

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The Aaron Allen & Associates Restaurant Costs Calculator quickly provides a snapshot of the impact key changes in your business’ food, labor, marketing and occupancy expenses could have on the financial health of your company, calculating growth projections and expansion potential based on current costs and sales. Easy to use but packed with detail, the Restaurant Costs Calculator puts the tools you need to begin planning for your future right at your fingertips.

Set your sales figures, then adjust food, labor, marketing, occupancy and other expense sliders to reflect future estimates. Planning to expand? Simply increase the number of locations using the units slider in the projected scenario and enter an estimate of capital expenses.

Using the Aaron Allen & Associates Restaurant Costs Calculator, it’s easy to see if you are (or will be) operating at a positive EBITDA while growing. Remember, a two percent increase in sales is equivalent to a 10 percent reduction in costs. Before drastically cutting costs, focus some efforts on increasing revenues and see cost percentages drop almost automatically.