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20 Most Common Restaurant Menu Design Mistakes

The menu is the single most important piece of marketing collateral for any restaurant. A well-designed menu can consistently increase profits for any restaurant (whether an independent or national chain) by as much as $1,000 per month, per million dollars in annual revenue. Re-engineering and designing menus is vital to

20 Most Common Restaurant Design Mistakes

Common Interior Design & Facilities Errors Walking inside a restaurant is like walking into the belly of an advertisement. Everything communicates. Unlike typical ads, which often just engage one, two or three senses maximum, a restaurant touches all five of the human senses. This raises the stakes substantially on customer expectations and

20 Most Common Restaurant Service Mistakes

Employees are the face of a restaurant. Every interaction employees communicates to guests – whether by design or default. Wait staff should be courteous, welcoming, warm and should represent the brand above all else. Here are some of the most common restaurant service mistakes that we see. 1. POOR GREETINGS

7 Essential Labor Optimization Strategies

While the minimum wage debate and new overtime rulings in the United States dominate pundit panels on business talk shows and in the pages of trade publications, the worry among restaurateurs that labor costs will climb swiftly in the coming years is not confined to America. It’s a worldwide concern

How Much Does it Cost to Open a Restaurant?

One of the most common restaurant start-up mistakes is underestimating the capital budget requirements involved in opening a restaurant. And one of the most common questions we’re asked is: “How much does it cost to open a restaurant?”  Here, we hope to provide some rules of thumb and average costs

25 Questions That Can Lower Your Food Costs

There’s little that a fireman loves more professionally than putting out fires. So, imagine a fire brigade getting an emergency call that there’s a fire, but no indication of where it is and no way of tracing back the location; no smoke on the horizon, no glare in the night

Drive Thru Key to Chick-fil-A Out-Performing McDonald’s

  McDonald’s announced earlier this year that they’ve plugged their most gushing wounds through steps CEO Steve Easterbrook cites as “bold, urgent action.” It is true that U.S. same-store sales (sales for locations open at least 13 months) were up 5.7 percent in Q4 2015 and global sales increased five percent

The Psychology of Menu Design

Next time you pick up the menu at your favorite restaurant, instead of making your decision right away, consider the psychology of menu design and what items you think the menu is trying to make you select. Look at the way the menu is laid out, the colors that are

The Cost of Pissed Off Employees, Quantified

In the U.S., 56 percent of workers would rather find another job than be promoted by their company. How many employees, when asked candidly, would honestly recommend their employer as a place to work? A place to eat? And are companies putting as much importance behind these statistics as they

Restaurant Design: 18 Tips to Remember

In the United States alone, there are nearly 1 million restaurants, each trying hard to differentiate itself from the next. It’s not an easy task. In fact, there are so many restaurant design tips to consider when it comes to launching a new concept—from branding (your biggest concern) right on down