A brand or career that took decades to build can evaporate in seconds.

Risk and Relevance

When the stakes are high, challenging assumptions helps dissipate the cloud of bias that can fog a big decision.

The world is moving faster outside most foodservice businesses than it is inside them. Many companies are struggling to keep pace with the speed of change, as everything from digital and mobile technology to demographic and psychographic shifts impact what, where, when, how, and why people eat out.

These developments are increasing the intensity of competition, as large restaurant systems are being disrupted by agile start-ups capable of moving quickly enough to adapt to rapidly changing consumer demands, evolving supply chain requirements, and government restrictions and regulations.

At the same time, the internet and social media have enabled more connection than ever before, creating viral moments that can build or destroy a company’s reputation and market share. Where once a dissatisfied customer could complain to ten people about their negative experience, now an angry guest can tweet out their version of events to 10,000 followers in seconds before even leaving the restaurant.

We review risk and relevance through the lens of industry forces and consumer behavior, combining operating and financial data to build dynamic and responsive models that deliver actionable insights. Our deep and broad experience in global foodservice means that we can advise operators about what’s now and what’s next — and why it matters.