Everything starts with the desire to be better than the day before.

Performance Optimization

There’s no point making more efficient that which should not be done at all.

All restaurants bleed profits and potential unnecessarily. Most companies go through a regular self-assessment cycle to locate areas for optimization and to reimagine what could be. But a trigger point, like a decline in sales, can move organizations toward radical change more quickly. A range of short-, mid-, and long-term opportunities present themselves, but the challenge is identifying which will increase sales, build value, and secure a brand’s future versus those that will dilute performance, leaving the organization worse off than it was before.

The sheer volume of choices can make it difficult to select the most effective and efficient path forward. At the same time, decisions may be influenced by old ways of looking at the brand, potentially shutting out new ways of doing business, reaching guests, or motivating employees. As operations grow, they can become siloed, inhibiting the innovative thinking that got them there — from emerging to established.

As trusted external advisors and experienced practitioners, we come at these challenges from a different angle, identifying, framing, and claiming opportunities to optimize performance throughout the organization. We help companies quantify and control the impact of radical change across functional areas and the system as a whole, locating the key leverage points that produce the greatest returns on invested capital and effort.

We make operations faster, leaner, and more agile.