Restaurant Interior Design Consulting

For millions of Americans, dining is more than eating out, it’s a form of entertainment. That means guests don’t want to “feel at home.” They want a memorable experience away from home. Savvy eateries understand that restaurant interior design is part of that memorable experience.

Restaurant interior design has made its mark on the industry with concepts like the Rainforest Café, Planet Hollywood and Mars 2112. Of course, it’s not necessary to wrap your restaurant interior design around a space-aged theme to provide a pleasant atmosphere for guests. The point is restaurant interior design should cater to the tastes of its target market.

Well-planned restaurant interiors contribute to the success and the profits of any dining establishment. Planning your restaurant interior design begins with market research, continues with understanding market trends and concludes with strategic execution.

Restaurant interior design has a dramatic impact on the type of guests the restaurant attracts. The Rain Forest Café’s restaurant interior design, for example, appeals to environmentally-minded guests who enjoy a nature-made experience, while the 50’s Prime Time Café at Disney’s Hollywood Studios appeals to guests who get a kick out of a blast from the past.

Creative restaurant interior design, however, does not require a million-dollar investment if you understand the nuances of consumer marketing. Restaurant interior design experts are equipped with the knowledge and skill to create a dining experience that fosters word of mouth marketing long after the meal is over.

Fruition, a smoothie concept in Miami, has generated a buzz with its resourceful restaurant interior design. With national smoothie chains grabbing the lion’s share of the market, Fruition needed a restaurant interior design that would set it apart from the major brands. Since Fruition bills itself as an exotic smoothie shop that only uses fresh, unusual fruit ingredients, the restaurant interior design strategy had to be just as exotic.

The strategy is at once exotic and practical. Fruition’s restaurant interior design incorporates the exotic fresh fruit concept through and through. In fact, walking into Fruition is like walking into a third world fresh fruit market with passion fruit, lychee and canistels proudly displayed for guest inspection.

The restaurant interior design also communicates the smoothie concept throughout the store with swirling designs and a custom color palate drawn from the exotic fruits. Fruition’s restaurant interior design invokes a contemporary and upscale feel with customer booth designs and minimal linear architecture. The concept is designed to give larger brands a run for their money, thanks to a restaurant interior design that corresponds with its unique selling point: exotic fruit.

When it comes to restaurant interior design, not just any interior designer will do. Restaurants require a different flavor, a different flare and different experience than the average residential interior designer or corporate interior designer has to offer.

To be sure, restaurant interior design requires an in-depth understanding of how restaurants flow, how employees will interact with the design, and how site architecture could impact the design. The most successful restaurant interior design, blended with irresistible food and impeccable service, breeds repeat guests, spirited employees and greater profitability.