10 Cool Pizza Restaurant Design Ideas

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From edgy brick walls to sophisticated chandeliers, these pizzerias differentiate their restaurants with creative design and interior branding. Check out these 10 cool examples of pizza restaurant design.

Pizza Restaurant Design Ideas

1. Bringing the Outside In

What do you do with an edgy location?  If you’re a pizzeria named Dough, you pull the edge inside.  Dough establishes itself as a well-worn part of its urban community with exposed brick walls, concrete floors and pasted-up posters.  The result?  Raw.  Simple.  Relaxed.

Pizza Restaurant Design - Dough

2. Shiver Me Timbers

The UK city of Plymouth is home to the Royal Navy.  It’s also home to Pizza Express, which has doffed its hat in the form of a maritime theme. Here, you’ll find wavy walls, shiver-me-timbers timber, and a large rose “tattooed” right on the woodwork.

3. Dark and Eclectic Comfort

Right smack in the heart of Shanghai, you’ll find Matto Bar and Pizzeria, a mash-up of the organic and the industrial, the dark, and the playful.  The idea?  Create an environment as surprising and comfortable as the food.

4. Sophisticated Whimsy

Subtle colors and lacey chandeliers create quiet sophistication at the Dutch pizzeria Fabbrica.  But this place doesn’t take itself too seriously.  Ladders up to personal tree-house-like pods bring unmistakable whimsy.

5. Don’t Mind if We Watch

If they see it, they will come.  That’s the logic behind the Domino’s Pizza restaurant revamp.  New store design plans include a viewing area in which pizza lovers can see the art of the dough, first hand.

Pizza Restaurant Design - Matto Bar and Pizzeria (Shanghai)
Matto Bar and Pizzeria (Shanghai)

6. A Fresh Perspective

Another way to freshen up a look:  freshen up the menu.  San Francisco’s Patxi’s Pizzeria recently added unexpected new small plates including a pickled pepperoncini chop salad.

7. The Big Splash

If you’re known for your adventurous signature pizzas, a 50 foot whimsical mural by a local Florida artist becomes part your new pizzeria prototype.  The Loop Pizza Grill also boasts huge windows, big beams, and 4000 square feet of warehouse space.

8. Eau de…Dough?

Want your guests to remember the unmistakable aroma of your freshly baking dough long after they’ve gone home?  Take a cue from this Canadian pizzeria: offer Eau de Pizza Hut.

Pizza Restaurant Design - Shumis Pizzeria (Israel)
Shumis Pizzeria (Israel)

9. Work as Art

Enter Australia’s Pizza Farro, and you’ll see a ceiling of vintage wooden rolling pins.  Hundreds of them.  The effect is homey and unstudied, rustic, warm, and sentimental.  Which is exactly what the stylists intended.

10. Outside the Pizza Box

A no-nonsense, ready-to-feed-you vibe starts with the tomato sauce can walls at Shumis Pizzeria in Israel.  It’s a funky visual aesthetic that gives new life to the term “pizza joint.”

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