Restaurant Trend Spotting

Do you know what’s really going on in the restaurant industry? As a third-generation restaurateur and in-demand global restaurant consultant, it’s in Aaron’s blood to know. You could even say he’s been observing the industry since birth. Immediately after he was born, his parents rushed him over to their family-owned seafood restaurant in Panama City, Florida. It was only after that they went home. But he grew up inside that restaurant. His first tooth was pulled by the head waitress. At age nine, his first job was rolling silverware. From there, he worked every position possible in a full-service restaurant. Aaron’s profession and passion are one in the same. So he doesn’t just recognize trends taking over the industry, he seems them coming well before they’ve arrived.

Today’s tech-savvy consumers are accustomed to an accelerated pace of change. That expectation for sped-up innovation affects more than smartphone providers. It affects restaurateurs, too. Compressed product innovation cycles mean that trends are coming and going faster than ever. But not every trend speaks to your restaurant’s brand and values. Take it from Aaron: before you spend even a penny on planning or implementing, spend at least a nickel researching and analyzing.

The best kind of research isn’t just about numbers. It’s in your face and in your mouth. Aaron has been privileged to travel the world and work with some of the industry’s biggest and newest names in more than 100 countries across six continents. His visits to more than 1,500 cities and his sampling of at least 300 restaurants every year have helped him develop a global perspective of industry trends. His motto? Create an authentic concept by experiencing that authenticity (including the trends) first hand.

Of course, you can’t experience everything first-hand. Because the pace of change is accelerating across the industry and throughout the world, the hand-picked global restaurant consultants at Aaron Allen & Associates constantly track trends emerging in every service category at every budget. Success these days favors those companies who not only know the restaurants, but create them. Aaron Allen & Associates is here to provide you with the guidance and resources you need to understand essential trends, what’s influencing the, why they matter, and what it all means for your company.

We make it our mission to outline restaurant trends and what’s ahead for the industry. Best yet, we share our findings. You’ll find our ideas, tips, examples, best practices, case studies, and more here. And because the clients we’ve worked with post more than $100 billion and span more than 100 countries with tens of thousands of locations, you can be sure our advice is innovative, sound, and trustworthy.