We help clients find, size, and seize opportunities to grow revenue, margin, and value.

What We Do

Whether you’re looking to translate your global brand into a new regional market, build a new brand from scratch, evolve a plateaued concept or just need help with day-to-day marketing, finance or operations, we are here to serve. Industry leaders come to us with diverse needs that only a nimble team of multi-functional experts can deliver. 

We help leading restaurant and hospitality companies around the world when they’re in need of a solid solution to a complex problem. We’re the experienced and committed partner to guide brands with purpose and potential through the most important and meaningful initiatives their organizations have ever embarked on.

Utilizing our global experience in the foodservice and hospitality industry, we complete tailored research to uncover, anticipate, and act on current and future commercial opportunities. From industry and sector landscaping to consumer dining behavior insights, we help our clients stay abreast of what’s happening both inside and outside their company, category, region, and industry. Read More

Working with transaction-level data and predictive analytics, we identify patterns and relationships within raw information to locate opportunity. Our advanced analytics surfaces new ways to build sales and optimize costs, reinforce both guest and employee loyalty, make more informed expansion decisions, and keep pace with known competitors as well as the emerging players that may not yet be on the radar. Read More

The success of any strategy depends on the plan designed to enact it, and, over 2,000+ engagements, we’ve helped chained restaurant and hotel leadership teams not just chart their companies’ path forward but ultimately reach their goals. From day-long goal planning and cascading retreats to years-long engagements that launch major cross-border expansion initiatives, our planning services empower chains to make the big, bold moves that define their futures and reshape the industry. Read More

We work with restaurant or hotel companies to find, define, refine, and communicate the core message of their brand, helping to garner strong loyalty among guests, employees, and communities. Our branding engagements depend on the core belief that the intangibles — including brand, marketing, communications — and the tangibles — operations, culinary development, portfolio strategy — cannot be separated, and that everything communicates, whether by design or default. Read More

From creating a new concept to streamlining back-of-house procedures, we harness our decades of operational experience to conceive, build, and perfect restaurant operations. Informed by innovative approaches to industrial engineering and experience design, we work with clients to invent the future of foodservice. Read More

We help senior leaders in chained restaurant and hotel operations uncomplicate the complexity of running a foodservice company. Linking managerial practices to the company’s defining purpose, we work with executives to align and cascade goals — and the actions necessary to reach them — across all functional areas of the business to improve associate engagement, track key operating metrics, and optimize performance. Read More

How a restaurant looks, smells, sounds, and feels matters as much as how the food tastes. We work with both new and existing chains to make sure they appeal to all five senses, creating memorable experiences that keep guests coming back. Effective design is not limited the guest experience, but rather should be intentional across all functional areas of the business. Read More 

Betterness is subjective, and you can only sell differences — not similarities. We help restaurant operators modernize their marketing departments to stay on the bleeding edge of communication technologies, so they can find and innovate new ways to connect with guests, media, and employees. Read More