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Who We Serve

We help a broad and diverse client base, spanning all forms of foodservice and hospitality, including airports, airlines, caterers, contract and institutional foodservice, travel centers, suppliers, and distributors, on strategic issues ranging from marketing and master planning to portfolios and product development.

Across 2,000+ engagements on six continents and 100+ countries, we’ve worked with restaurant operations of all shapes and sizes, honing our methodologies and approach to help clients enhance enterprise value, grow and expand, optimize performance, increase relevance, and reduce risk across functional areas and throughout all phases of the business life cycle. Read More

From sector analyses and sourcing that finds the best matches between concepts and capital to commercial and operational due diligence that surfaces the potential challenges and opportunities of an investment to post-merger integration plans and exit strategies that maximize return, we advise and support clients throughout the investment life cycle. Read More

Building on our experience with clients around the world, we help hotel chain operators compete more effectively with street-side restaurants, maximize internal opportunities, and adapt to rapidly changing guest expectations for the convenience and quality of in-house and in-room dining experiences.  Read More

Our firm’s global know-how and know-who — as well as our uniquely developed methodologies and knowledge base — can be applied in all matters related to global foodservice and hospitality strategy: growth and expansion, mergers and acquisitions, category development, messaging, and advanced analytical and research capabilities that help companies size and seize opportunity and optimize performance. Read More