10 Restaurants Using Vine Successfully

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Twitter’s social video app, Vine, opens doors for restaurants and what they can do to promote themselves. There is a very short window to get your message across, so it needs to instantly grab attention, which is what the following restaurants excelled in doing. Check out these 10 examples of restaurants and food industry big shots using vine for restaurant marketing:

1. #CoolRanchDLT

The famous fast food taco stop used Vine to build up the Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco. In February, Taco Bell sent out this video to further promote this anticipated new product. The short clip reinforced the idea of this taco’s Cool Ranch Doritos shell and ended with the tease of its release date.

2. #PremiumPresidente

This simple video from Chili’s Grill & Bar does the trick and reminds people about one of their special bar items. All this post showed was a margarita being poured, but it was done well and looked delicious.

3. #RedMango #DancingCup

This playful, dancing cup of hot chocolate shows that Vine can be used in any way. Red Mango in Sioux Falls, South Dakota showed people how magical their products are — cups of hot chocolate can dance! They took advantage of the 6 seconds they had, and made the most of it.

4. #Valentine’sGift

For those who forgot to get their special someone a Valentine’s gift, Mama Fu’s knew how to help. Through red hearts and a pink background, Mama Fu’s used this social media app to their advantage. They reminded people they were looking out for them and had a quick solution to their dilemma.

5. #Halupkis

“Mama, what’re you doing? You’re making halupkis!” This video opens with this line, hooking viewers right off the bat. Black Forest Deli’s video takes an everyday task in the restaurant, like making halupkis, and turns it into something funny that brings people in and gets the word out as well.

6. #TacoCake

Jack in the Box used Vine to give a shout out to singer Selena Gomez for her birthday. When it’s someone’s birthday, cake is a standard goodie. This fast food place took cake to another level with their “taco cake.” The video shows a taco with progressive bite marks that reveal a special birthday message for Gomez.

7. #RootyTheRootBear

As a part of A&W’s campaign to reintroduce their former mascot, Rooty, they are having him blow up the social media scene. In this clip, Rooty is promoting the Mini Polar Swirl with a magic trick and a little girl.

8. #OctopusCookingSerious

Pie Downtown and Serious Westlake — these restaurants used Vine to show a special dish they serve, Octopus Stew. It is shown on Tom Douglas Company’s Vine account. For people who have never seen octopus being prepared, it’s pretty neat.

9. #PeepsDance

Though not a restaurant per se, Jacques Torres, or Mr. Chocolate, is a huge part of the culinary world, and this video displays his love of sweets. Not only is Mr. Chocolate a chocolatier, but he is also the Dean of Pastry Arts at The International Culinary Center. Through this video he shows that even if you are incredibly involved and busy, you can still take a step back, have fun, and enjoy the little things. It shows off his brand and his personality in a fun way.

10. #TheLeeBros

Although this also isn’t a restaurant, this pair of brothers is extremely involved with the food industry. The Lee brothers founded a mail-order catalogue for southern foods called The Lee Bros. Boiled Peanuts Catalogue. They are contributing editors at Travel + Leisure and are involved with other food magazines. This video shows their passion for food and also how entertaining it can be.

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