17 Pizza Marketing Campaigns

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1. Mellow Mushroom Followers

Listed under the “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” category, Mellow Mushroom presented Twitter followers with an interesting proposition for a recent pizza marketing campaign. Mellow Mushroom claimed, “Follow us and we will follow you… everywhere you go.” The brand features video on their website of their giant bulbous mushroom mascot following Twitter fans around in their daily lives.

2. Domino’s Customers Delivered

Domino’s proved their dedication to customer interaction by creating the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle contest for design aficionados. With over $50K in prizes at stake, designs ranged from practical to fantastic custom commercial vehicle wraps as contestants from around the world progressed through individual and collaborative rounds. Students, amateurs, and pros all threw down as the  global design community set about finding the coolest way to bring dinner to your door.

Futuristic Domino’s delivery car pizza marketing

3. Hot From the Machine

US retailer Let’s Pizza will soon introduce their first pizza vending machine. Save your quarters and you’ll get 24/7 access to $6 pizza piping hot from the lobby or break room.

pizza marketing- Girl receives pizza from vending machine

4. Multimedia Pizza

Seeking to attract young male viewers, French television channel created pizza TV. The French MTV, MCM, has set aside music videos for adolescent shows. And for each show they’ve made a matching pizza. For the monster trucks, double everything. For the zombie show, all bloody meats. Car wash babes pizza? Hot spicy sauce and white cream.

MCM Pizza advertisement

5. Yo Quiero Pizza Pie?

Texas pizza chain, Pizza Patron, took a unique approach to pizza marketing when they offered customers a free pizza if they placed their orders entirely in Spanish. The controversial marketing tactic was launched at a time when political candidates were advocating fences and troops on the border. Pizza Patron, which also accepts pesos for payment from its 75% latino customer base, answered by reaching out. The lesson? Controversy can sometimes sell pies.

pizza marketing- Pizza Patron 12 Days Left Free Large Pizza Ad6. For the Indecisive

Can’t decide between pizza and burgers? Pizza Hut started a pizza marketing campaign that offers Middle Eastern customers “hybrid” pizzas. The stuffed crust design features a dozen mini cheeseburgers baked into the crust of the pizza. Other offerings from Pizza Hut worldwide include a chicken sandwich hybrid pizza, a chicken/cheese stick combination, and, in the U.K., a hot dog stuffed crust pizza.

pizza marketing - Pizza with cheeseburgers cooked into the crust

7. Posting All Reviews

Domino’s wants to hear it all! The chain decided start a pizza marketing campaign where they post all customer reviews — good, bad, or indifferent — on their 4,630-square-foot billboard in Times Square in real time, no edits, no hiding.

pizza marketing- Customer reviews scrolling in Times Square

8. Get Naked

Then Domino’s doubled down on their pizza marketing with brand transparency when they allowed consumers to post pictures of their unretouched, recently delivered, “naked” pizzas right on the brand’s website. The theory behind this “real beauty campaign” was to give customers a Photoshop-free look at how the chain’s menu items actually look upon delivery.

Unretouched Domino’s pizza with cutter and vegetables

9. The Battle for Browsers

Pizza is the compulsive web browser’s dinner of choice and the battle for those tech savvy dollars is raging online. Pizza Hut recently began a pizza marketing campaign that placed a series of special offers directly onto Yahoo News’ mobile website. Utilizing GPS targeted tagging, viewers were allowed to order delivery from their nearest Pizza Hut by clicking on the ad. Domino’s answer was a 50% discount for any browser ordering via the company’s mobile platform. Papa John’s entered the fray with an online expansion of their popular Papa Rewards program. Online or smartphone orders receive one point per $5 spent. 25 points equals a free pizza.

Mobile pizza apps

10. Pizza Gaming

Domino’s then escalated the pizza marketing battle with their “Pizza Hero” game which makes a pizza chef of anyone with an iPad.  Using the app, customers build a pizza from the dough up on their tablets then send it as an order to their local Domino’s. Perfect for those long commutes home when both dinner and the Xbox seem so far away.

Hand playing Domino’s Pizza Hero app

11. Pizza For A Cause

Domino’s took a charitable approach to their pizza marketing when they solicited donations for Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital via SMS text messaging. The text code was printed on pizza boxes, flyers, and more. Once a customer sent the code in via text messaging, their donation was charged to their phone bill.

Domino’s donation SMS screenshot

12. Join the Club

The mother of all pizza marketing loyalty programs sends special offers, coupons, and social media posts directly to customers’ phones. Papa Murphy’s expanded their text messaging club from one test market to 26 different states and, in doing so, grew their list of opt-in users to over 100K. This mother of all loyalty programs sends special offers, coupons, and social media posts directly to customers phones. Regular data rates may apply but regular ad rates do not.

Papa Murphy’s Free Cookie Dough SMS ad

13. Feeling Lucky?

Midwest pizza chain, Minsky’s, offers started a pizza marketing campaign that gives patrons the chance to win big prizes by scanning QR codes found at the restaurant. Users can download a special smartphone app and scan codes found on tabletops and signage. Winners get free pizza and appetizers.

Minsky’s QR code contest signage

14. Pizza For the Mayor

Domino’s teamed up with Foursquare to promote foot traffic to its locations. Those who check-in the most using the social media app earn the title of “mayor” and win a free small pizza.

Domino’s Foursquare Mayor Free Pizza Offer

15. Pushing Buttons

Dubai’s Red Tomato Pizza issued a “VIP Magnet.” The refrigerator magnet includes a push button that will order a pre-selected pizza after it is pressed. The button works via a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone app, which then sends a confirmation text message. Minutes later, your push button dinner arrives at the door.

Red Tomato Pizza’s VIP Magnet

16. Sounds Like Pizza

While some European authorities are concerned that soundless electric scooters are a hazard to pedestrians, Domino’s has taken it upon themselves to create a solution. Their soundless scooter randomly emits a recording, shouting “Pizza!” and “Domino’s!”

Domino’s Sound Effects Scooter

17. Make Them Drool for You?

Pizza Hut recently celebrated 100K followers on Facebook with a unique pizza marketing promotion that releasing Eau de Pizza Hut, a cologne with the fragrance of “freshly baked, hand-tossed dough.“ And the news went viral twice. 110 Facebook followers in December and, this Valentine’s Day, 24 Twitter fans won pre-release samples. That’s 134 people who know what it’s like to be truly hungered for.

Bottle of Pizza Hut’s pizza scented cologne


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