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Hospitality Industry in Qatar a Gold Rush

The hospitality industry in Qatar is booming – and for good reason. Gearing up to host the 2022 World Cup Championship, Qatar’s government is ready to invest $17 billion to bolster the nation’s tourism sector.

Investing in the Hospitality Industry in Qatar

The $17 billion earmarked for tourism is just part of the $65 billion investment plan Qatar’s government is unfolding. Currently, hospitality supply levels (33 percent) are just barely outpacing demand levels (28 percent) meaning more hotel rooms and restaurants are needed.

Who’s Visiting Qatar?

Tourism in Qatar is the fastest growing in the GCC, with a 12 percent increase in 2012. Visitors from the Middle East are up 22 percent from last year, and guests from other global regions saw a 10 percent increase.

All Work and No Play

Though the World Cup will attract plenty of tourists (an estimated 400,000), Qatar’s hospitality sector is driven by businessmen. In 2011, nearly 75 percent of guests checking in were traveling for business. But they’re traveling in style, as 75 percent of Qatar hotels are luxury locations.
hospitality industry in qatar

What Are Guests’ Hotel Preferences?

In 2012, 84 percent of guests stayed at four and five star hotels.

Building More Rooms in Qatar

With 17 new hotels (5,544 rooms) currently under construction, Qatar plans to house 60,000 hotel rooms by 2022 to meet World Cup regulations. That’s 46,593 more rooms needed, giving Qatar the largest growing hospitality industry in both the Middle East and Africa.

Who’s Building in Qatar?

The Four Seasons Doha at the Pearl (300 rooms, 2014), M Gallery Doha Musheireb (215 rooms, 2015), and Pullman Doha West Bay (371 rooms, 97 apartments, 2015) are all slated to come to Qatar to join the Hilton, Crowne Plaza, and St. Regis hotels.
hospitality industry in qatar

Restaurant Industry in Qatar

U.S.-based restaurants are having great success in Qatar. Dairy Queen, KFC, Arby’s, Baskin Robbins, Burger King, and Pizza Hut serve those looking for a quick bite, while Le Crillon, Spice Market and La Maison du Caviar cater to those with a more refined palate.

A Big Push to Go Green

With 800 buildings set to go up in Doha’s City Center, green construction is on everyone’s mind. Managing CO2 emissions is a big goal, since the World Cup hopes to be a carbon neutral event.

Vertical Farms Come to Qatar

The Al-Ahmedia Trading and Contracting Company of Qatar and Vegetech, a South Korean agricultural company, have partnered up to bring vertical farms to Qatar. This new partnership will increase vegetable production and help the country become more self-sustaining.
hospitality industry in qatar

Digital Developments in Qatar

Surveys show that 57 percent of hotel guests said they would not give up internet access in favor of a discount. Naturally, having WiFi will be essential for Qatar’s new hotels. Not to worry, the nation’s internet penetration stands at 82 percent, with 182 percent mobile penetration.

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