Hiring a Restaurant Designer

Hiring a restaurant designer is like selecting a fine wine. Like an aged Port or Chardonnay, an experienced restaurant designer brings a touch of class to any concept.

Hiring a restaurant designer opens up a world of creativity because collaboration breeds innovation. As a busy restaurateur, you may be wearing so many hats that they are beginning to fall off your head. A restaurant designer not only inspires creative concepts, it also gives you more time to focus on your core business: serving up delicious dishes.

When it comes to your business’s bottom line, hiring a restaurant designer is as critical as choosing an accountant or a doctor. Your restaurant’s finances and health could depend on it. Hiring a restaurant designer who can author and execute a creative concept means finding a firm with the right mix of services and skill sets.

Perhaps you already have a concept in mind. If that’s the case, then hiring a restaurant designer who can take the ball (inflate it with the proper amount of air) and run with it is what you need. Or maybe you are clueless as to how the restaurant design process works. Then hiring a restaurant designer with comprehensive project management abilities is the obvious path.

What to Look for When Hiring a Restaurant Designer

Regardless of the level of assistance you need, hiring a restaurant designer who understands the lay of the restaurant land is critical to your success. You want to consider character qualities that go beyond the portfolio, like listening skills, business savvy and appropriate experience, when choosing a restaurant designer. Operational goals and attractive design go hand in hand. Hiring a restaurant designer who understands the connection between sales and design is vital in today’s crowded restaurant market.

Successful Restaurant Design

Carlos’n Charlie’s makes a vivid connection between sales and design in its Mexican restaurant concept that plays off the humor and personality of its owner, Carlos Anderson. Anderson’s world travels are depicted by postcards, pictures and giant suitcases that serve as visual merchandising displays that do the selling for him. Parent company, Grupo Anderson’s, hired a restaurant designer who brought Anderson’s personality to life while also making tactical use of design elements. By hiring the right restaurant designer, Carlos n Charlie’s got results that stimulated sales.

Hiring a restaurant designer with experience compiling the total package, from branding to web development to marketing – whether you need all of those services or not – is a smart move because inconsistency at any level can cause customer confusion. Carlos’n Charlie’s got the best of all worlds, which is exactly what a globetrotter like Anderson would expect from a restaurant designer.


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