Restaurant Designs

Restaurant design has evolved as extravagant themes and upscale fast food concepts make their mark on diners’ visual senses as well as their palates. Cookie cutter restaurant designs won’t cut it even if your restaurant bakes the best cookies in town.

Whether your eatery is located in a charming historic building, a crowded strip mall or a newly constructed box in a busy suburb, purposeful restaurant designs leave a lasting impression on your guests. To be sure, strategic restaurant design opens the door to strategic restaurant marketing that positions your business as more than just another restaurant.

In Carlos’ n Charlie’s case, the restaurant design had to position the business as more than just another Mexican restaurant. The restaurant design matches the challenge by demonstrating the fun-loving personality of the eatery’s owner, Carlos Anderson. Every detail of the restaurant design communicates subtle humor in a laid-back setting that often sees guests dancing on chairs, singing or performing comical skits.

Carlos’ n Charlie’s is not a themed restaurant, per se, but its restaurant design nevertheless leaves guests with fond memories of the Mexican bistro that invites diners to reminisce with Anderson about his world travels. Much like the corporate website, the restaurant design features postcards and pictures from exotic locations. The journeyman’s restaurant design also relies on giant suitcases to serve as visual merchandising displays.

Carlos’ n Charlie’s light-hearted restaurant design engages adventurers of all ages with a chaotic harmony of souvenirs that offer a distant educational tour of far and away locations. The travel-based restaurant design has made Carlos’ n Charlie’s a favorite dining destination for tourists, but families also flock to the unique eatery with its kid-friendly service and clever menu.

Carlos’ n Charlie’s eclectic restaurant design complements its laughable bill of fare, which includes Munch Munch appetizers, Slurp Slurp and Crunch Crunch soups and salads, and Moo Moo meat selections. Carlos’ n Charlie’s stands out from a growing number of Mexican eateries by offering authentic food and drink accompanied by a restaurant design that offers a priceless and memorable dining experience.

Regardless of your theme, your unique selling point or your space restrictions, creative restaurant design can help you stand out from the competitive pack just like Carlos’ n Charlie’s. Tasty food and exceptional service are timeless qualities of profitable eateries, but restaurant design could just cause hungry diners to walk through your doors – and keep them coming back for more.


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