Taco Bell’s Lemon-themed QR Code

9 Innovative QR Code Promotions

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QR codes, or Quick Response Codes, are a smart way to interact with guests by implementing cutting-edge technology in a user-friendly way. Guests simply scan the code on their smartphones and are immediately guided to a mobile landing page, the restaurant’s Facebook page, or even the brand’s YouTube account, putting you in control of what guests see.  Here are nine innovative ways restaurants are using QR code promotions.

1. Tasteful Marketing at Taco Bell

When designing marketing material for their new partnership with Chef Lorena Garcia, Taco Bell created print ads promoting their fresh gourmet-inspired menu featuring giant QR codes made of lemons and avocados. Readers who scanned an eye-catching code were taken to the relevant recipe: avocados brought  guacamole, lemons brought lemon-marinated chicken: a recipe for some great QR code promotions.

Taco Bell’s Lemon-themed QR Code promotion

2. Guinness Glass Action

Guinness distributed QR code printed glasses to bars and restaurants. When the glass is full of ordinary beer, it’s just another glass. But when filled with Guinness’ dark ale, the code appears and can be scanned to take social drinkers to their favorite social sites where followers are notified that glass-tipping time has commenced.

Guinness QR Code Beer Glass

3. Veritable Sales With Verismo

Starbucks showcased their mobile site through in-store advertisements of their Verismo brewer. Patrons who ordered the machine by scanning the QR code on the ad, got free shipping. In addition, customers who gave their email address after scanning received a discount to sweeten the deal.

Verismo QR Code ad

4. Lunch For A Cause at Sonic

Sonic added QR codes to their packaging that linked to DonorsChoose.org, a site where members make contributions to the school charities of their choice. A quick scan allowed patrons to vote for their favorite cause. $100,000 each week was donated to the cause that received the most votes.

Mobile site for Limades for Learning

5. Re-defining Take-Away at Boston Market

Boston Market wanted to increase foot traffic by taking their guests away to a tropical paradise. They hosted a summer contest where patrons could scan the code printed on packaging and signage to win prizes, the largest being a trip to Maui.

Collection of postcards promoting Boston Market’s ‘Summer At Its Best’ Sweepstakes

6. Recipe for Love From Winn-Dixie

While Winn-Dixie won’t help their customers find a sweetheart, they will help them cook for one. The chain introduced a QR code on printed Valentine’s Day material within their stores. When scanned the code provided video on how to create a surf and turf dinner for two. You have to figure out chocolate and roses on your own.

Winn Dixie uses Valentine’s Day QR code promotions

7. Signature Move: Pink Pepper Thai Signs With QR Codes

The Pink Pepper Thai Restaurant in Los Angeles, California places QR codes on their business cards and takeout menus. Patrons scan the code with their smartphones to be routed to the restaurant’s mobile website. There they can browse the menu or place and pay for to-go orders.

Pink Pepper Thai QR Signage

8. QR-CIA: Tim Horton’s Gathers Intelligence With QR Codes

To gain customer insights, Tim Horton’s offered their guests a chance to win free coffee for a year by sharing their feelings about the in-store experience.

Tim Horton’s Free Coffee For A Year QR Poster

9. Never Dine Alone at Applebee’s

As part of Applebees’ fourteen minute lunch guarantee, the chain has made it so you never have to dine alone. They placed images of various faces, human and feline alike, on each table with a QR code where its mouth belongs. Patrons can scan the code to watch an animation that completes the cat’s likeness and lasts (you guessed it!) fourteen minutes.

Applebee’s Table Top QR Code

Here are 10 more cool ways restaurants are using QR Codes.

Have you spotted some cool examples of restaurants using QR Codes?  We’d love to see it!  Post a link or photo in the comments section below.

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