Restaurant SEO: How Search Works

While many of us use a search engine every day, we often think of doing searches to find what we need versus thinking of how to use them to help our businesses “get found” online. The search for your keywords is constantly going on. Web crawlers read every single page of content on the internet and file them away so when you search for McDonald’s website, it knows exactly which McDonald’s you meant based on different factors. That’s why it’s so important to keep your website current and filled with great content that your guests want and need to read about: update often and keep to the point of each page. Keywords are your best friends in getting found. Since the wheels of restaurant SEO are forever turning, I will be adding new articles and blog posts on the subject of digital marketing as part of a series; and more specifically – search engine optimization for restaurants and food service companies. This great little video offers a few tips on how search engines work and provides a great fundamental overview for marketers getting ready to embark on search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns. Through our posts in SEO you will also learn about the importance of social media in getting found. Word of mouth marketing is especially potent on the internet. Also be sure to check out Boosting Restaurant Revenue Part TWO: Restaurant SEO and Getting Found Online Restaurant Consultant Aaron Allen Aaron Allen & Associates provides a holistic approach to the restaurant business. From conception to implementation, we pride ourselves on our commitment to the details, building concepts from the inside out. With experience in all 6 inhabited continents, in over 100 countries, and a client base who posts a combined $100 billion annually, we let our results speak for themselves. For more information on restaurant SEO and restaurant technology trends, subscribe to our free newsletter.


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