Restaurant Menu Design

How to Reverse Margin Erosion with Menu Engineering

Margins are being compressed for restaurants and foodservice operators around the world. Nearly every geography, cuisine, and operating model is being hit with increased costs relative to rent, labor, commodities, demands of modernization, competitive pricing and promotional tactics designed to take share, and a more fickle and demanding consumer with

Menu Simplification: It’s Working

It’s time to free the guest from the tyranny of too many choices. Humans have a remarkable ability to over-complicate. And this has certainly been true in recent years for restaurant chains that lacked the discipline to prune and manicure their menu strategy.   Much like the sense of surprise

Technology’s Impact on Menu Merchandising

Once a fairly humble piece of paper, the menu has evolved to become one of the most complex components of one of the most complex businesses in the world. Restaurant menus are a convergence of nearly every other facet of the business: marketing, supply chain, interaction, design, fulfillment production, copywriting,

Questions to Answer Before Launching a New Menu

Menus are one of the most complex aspects of one of the most complex businesses in the world — yet they’re often relegated to junior teams and mired in committee consensus. Those who’ve made it past a slump have often done so by launching a new menu that revisits their

20 Most Common Restaurant Menu Design Mistakes

The menu is the single most important piece of marketing collateral for any restaurant. A well-designed menu can consistently increase profits for any restaurant (whether an independent or national chain) by as much as $1,000 per month, per million dollars in annual revenue. Re-engineering and designing menus is vital to

The Psychology of Menu Design

Next time you pick up the menu at your favorite restaurant, instead of making your decision right away, consider the psychology of menu design and what items you think the menu is trying to make you select. Look at the way the menu is laid out, the colors that are

10 Big, Bizarre, and Outrageous Restaurant Menu Items

A restaurant is recognized for how it caters to cravings, eating styles, and wallet size. Sometimes a restaurant chooses to be recognized for going big. In that case, unusual shapes, atypical toppings, bizarre combinations, or truly gargantuan serving sizes lead to the most extreme (unhealthy) restaurant menu items. Here are

How to Design a Menu: The Art and Science of Menu Engineering

Menu Makeovers: The Art and Science of Menu Engineering and Design. So much of what happens in a restaurant is creative. All cooks like to think of themselves as artistes. It is, after all, called the culinary arts. But when it comes to the menu, that’s where science kicks in

Menu Design: Why It’s Important and How to Do It Right

A good restaurant menu design is key to any restaurant’s marketing plan. When you design a menu it should express your eatery’s personality, focuses your overall operations, promotes profitability, establishes your budget, and keeps your brand fresh in your customer’s mind.

14 Creative Plate Presentations and Restaurant Menu Ideas

One of the perks of my profession is getting to experience first-hand some of the best restaurants in the world.  Each year I visit 300+ restaurants and gain insights while on culinary explorations ranging from street carts in Thailand to world-class dining in Dubai.  I’ve been meaning to start sharing