Menu Design: Kindergarten Class (Don’t Do Too Much At Once)

If everything is important, nothing is important. Make sure you carefully choose which menu design techniques to include. How many should you include? Read to find out.

Menu Design Kindergarten Class

Menu Design: Kindergarten Class (Don’t Do Too Much At Once)

If you use too many menu merchandizing techniques on one page it is the equivalent of a classroom of crazy kindergartners all screaming and waving at the same time to get the attention of the teacher.

What’s the magic number?

There are at least 30 go-to menu merchandizing techniques we use on restaurant menus to help influence menu preference scores and purchasing behavior, but we rarely use more than two on a page and almost always stay under five techniques on the entire menu. If everything is important, then nothing is important.

Focus on just a few key things you want to emphasize on your menu. At maximum, do not merchandize more than two (2) items per menu category.

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