Menu Durability – A Menu Design and Production Consideration

Menu design and production decisions depend upon your restaurant’s environment and location. Menu durability is one such decision. Environmental factors and usage factors will affect the level of durability your menu must meet. Here are a few anecdotes and examples of menu durability for specific locations and situations in the restaurant industry.

Menu Durability
Menu Durability

The design and production of your menu is largely influenced by the manner and environment in which it will be used. For instance, menus at a pool bar should have an aqueous coating (or be waterproof), be easy to read in bright light, potentially have a U.V. coating or treatment to keep from fading, and be of a heavier weight to keep from blowing away. All menus should be easy to clean or replace. Far too many restaurant menus come with a side of what they guy before you had for dinner.

Menu covers with too many cracks and crevices (like those el cheapo vinyl slip covers) are like a catchers mitt for food particles and grease. There is a cost/benefit analysis to run based on your operation to determine if it is better to invest in high quality materials that will have a long shelf life or to gear up for a rapid replacement of menus (or even disposable menus intended to last just one shift versus years).

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