The Importance of Sourcing in Menu Strategy

For the past 50 years, consumers became less interested in where their food came from than they had been in the 10,000 years that preceded it. The pendulum is about to swing swiftly back in the direction of consumers having a real interest in where their food comes from. This movement – which is just gearing up – offers real opportunity for independents through to multi-concept operators and regional chains and emerging brands. We’re talking about the importance of sourcing in menu strategy.

The Importance of Sourcing in Menu Strategy

There are so many implications to this movement that it is impossible to cover all of the branches that will blossom off this one root trend, but suffice to say it is very important to consider in terms of your culinary and menu strategy.

What Is Sourcing?

It’s disclosing and defining where food comes from. The definitions of “organic,” “local,” and the like are still being debated and the use of such terms will likely be regulated. Again, the implications of this movement are so significant that multi-national corporations stand to lose or gain billions based on how this movement plays out.

It is early yet for this trend, but it is likely to be one of the most powerful forces impacting the food and restaurant industry over the next 3-10 years. Never too late to start getting involved and be one of those early adopters that is viewed as a pioneer that was active before the crest of Johnny-come-lately’s piled on.

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