Why You Shouldn’t Overuse Menu Stuffers and Inserts

We’ve all had that frustrating experience. You pick up a nice magazine, flip through it, and have an explosion of paper pour out. The cards and pieces are littered with pesky business reply cards and subscription forms. Do you want your guests to feel the same way about your menu because of menu stuffers and inserts? Are they ever appropriate?

Why You Shouldn’t Overuse Menu Stuffers and Inserts

Menu stuffers and magazine inserts come in various forms: a bunch of loose cards, a stiff card with perforated tear sheet, an oversized page with a cologne sample, and others. While putting in these inserts may force us to deal with the marketing message, it can also cause undue frustrations. Aside from aggravating your guests, it can detract from the actual content of the message.

While menu stuffers and inserts can help call attention to a special new item or offer, it shouldn’t be done at the cost of convenience and ease of use for the guest. Do not overwhelm your guests with a deluge of paper and cards when they open your menu. No one wants to feel frustrated at a restaurant. In fact, the word restaurant comes from the Latin word meaning “to restore.”

But menu stuffers are not off limits entirely. Properly executed, menu stuffers can be effective and also still be unobtrusive. They can be informative and welcome by guests when they’re presented properly. Don’t use multiple menu stuffers within a single menu or you might overwhelm your guests.


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