14 Creative Plate Presentations and Restaurant Menu Ideas

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One of the perks of my profession is getting to experience first-hand some of the best restaurants in the world.  Each year I visit 300+ restaurants and gain insights while on culinary explorations ranging from street carts in Thailand to world-class dining in Dubai.  I’ve been meaning to start sharing some of the photos of unique design, marketing, and restaurant menu ideas witnessed along the way but there is just so much of it I haven’t known where to start.  Rather than delay it any longer, I figured I’d just pick a few random shots to start the ball rolling.  Hope you enjoy these creative plate presentations and that they give you inspiration.

14 Creative Plate Presentations

NOTE: We do not share any photos of client operations.  We are intensely strict on confidentiality of client information.  All of the photos herein are from market research, competitive shopping, or just ordinary exposure as a typical customer.

Look at this creative display of milk and cookies from the Ravenous Pig in Winter Park, Florida.

 Creative Plate Presentations - The Ravenous Pig

Dry ice is always a favorite for a presentation with flair.

Creative Plate Presentations - Caymon Curse

Creative Plate Presentations - Dry Ice Food Item

Enjoy these seafood presentations. They’re beautiful and interesting.

Creative Plate Presentations - Seafood Presentation Idea

Creative Plate Presentations - Presentation Idea for Seafood

Some displays are incredibly unique. I’ve never had anyone pray over my plate before.

Creative Plate Presentations - Presentation Idea Praying

Can you believe this is cotton candy?

Creative Plate Presentations - Cotton Candy Dessert

Found this one in the British Virgin Islands. Nice touch with the various kaiser rolls dips.

Creative Plate Presentations - Bread Dips Presentation

 When you want to do scallop carpaccio right, follow these guys.Creative Plate Presentations - Scallop Carpaccio

You can always get creative with your dishes and bowls. Go for unconventional.

Creative Plate Presentations - Mason Jar Presentation

There’s nothing better than cured meats and cheese paired with delicious red wine. Especially when served like this.

Creative Plate Presentations - San Marco Las Vegas

You won’t believe how they keep the sake cold.

Creative Plate Presentations - Sake Ice Pitcher

Here’s a little something extra.

Creative Plate Presentations - Oyster in Bloody Mary

So much delicious food, it’s hard to know where to start.

Creative Plate Presentations - Seafood on Wood Board, Presentation Idea


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