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Ideas, tips, examples, best practices, case studies and answers to important considerations for restaurant design provided here free by the global restaurant consultants at Aaron Allen & Associates. Whether you’re a multi-national restaurant chain planning a new prototype, a restaurant design makeover, or simply a facelift for an existing restaurant design Aaron Allen & Associates is here to provide you the guidance and resources you need to get the job done right the first time. While modern restaurant concept development is a specialized discipline requiring an experienced partner to fully effectuate, we’re happy to provide some free restaurant design resources for you here. Be sure to subscribe to our restaurant design newsletter and check back often, as this is a large and complex subject so we’re constantly adding more resources for you. Let us know what you think – we appreciate comments, and we love it when you social share our page or link back; it’s a great way to motivate us to keep the freer esources flowing. And if you have specific questions, try the “Ask Aaron” widget – we’ll answer as many questions as we can there and in our free restaurant design newsletter.

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    Restaurant Design

    • Restaurant Design: 18 Tips to Remember

      April 20, 2014

      In the United States alone, there are nearly 1 million restaurants, each trying hard to differentiate itself from the next.  Not an easy task. In fact, there are so many considerations when it comes to launching a new concept—from...

    • 4 Stunning Restaurant Bathroom Designs

      October 14, 2013

      When guests enter your restaurant’s bathroom are they impressed by the room or left wishing they had “held it”? Here are 4 restaurant bathroom designs that make anything short of their beauty seem like a truck stop. Related posts:...

    • Restaurant Signage: 3 Creative Blade Sign Concepts

      September 26, 2013

      With the restaurant industry growing at such a fast pace, sometimes trying to stand out may seem impossible. With just a bit of creativity and a touch of innovative design, a simple blade sign can make your restaurant signage...

    Restaurant Menu Design

    • 10 Big, Bizarre, and Outrageous Restaurant Menu Items

      June 16, 2013

      A restaurant is recognized for how it caters to cravings, eating styles, and wallet size. Sometimes a restaurant chooses to be recognized for going big. In that case, unusual shapes, atypical toppings, bizarre combinations, or truly gargantuan serving sizes...

    • How Restaurants Get a Buzz-Worthy Buzz-on with Crazy Cocktails

      June 13, 2013

      What’s the coolest restaurant trend: cocktails that range from expensive to illicit. And when it comes to an alcoholic concoction, the possibilities are endless. Here are 10 drinks that go to the head of the glass. Related posts: No...

    • Winter Menu Design: 10 “Cool” Warming Winter Drinks

      December 16, 2012

      Stay warm with these 10 recipes for delicious winter drinks. They were tested by the team at Aaron Allen & Associates especially for you. (And potentially your winter menu design, too.) Related posts: 14 Creative Plate Presentations and Restaurant...