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Design is about more than just making something pleasing to the eye. It’s not design in the most literal sense of the term – how it looks. It’s more about what the design means and what it should be conveying. Great ideas have a tendency to collect unnecessary pieces, and we (as humans) have a natural habit of overcomplicating things. We help to remove the clutter, and have an end result of something that’s not just aesthetically pleasing, but really structurally sound and represented in an artistic expression of all of the research, planning and strategy that went into it.

We believe that simple is not simplistic, and that you have to look at something from every angle (creating prototypes, and thinking about all of its uses) to be most effective. You don’t just design a menu so it looks pretty. You think about everything that goes into it. The design is the flesh over the bones, but the underlying structure and framework needs to be solid before the creative, art, and design piece can be most effective. Successful designs are not born out of the pursuit of a pleasing aesthetic, but rather they are informed by inspiration and the motivating “why” behind everything we do.

We can make sure everything is consistently aligned and that there are no gaps between the branding, planning and execution. Every decision should be made with intent, and all of the prior research and planning has identified what that intent should be. Sometimes the “creative” pieces can become cumbersome to the advancement of the brand in a more meaningful way. But our multi-disciplined, holistic, integrated approach adds value to the design investments and ensures that nothing gets off course.


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    Restaurant Design

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