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Great marketing only kills a bad operation faster. And it has very little to do with advertisements or jingles. It has to do with defining your brand and reflecting it at every touch point. It has to do with enculturating the staff so they are your marketing ambassadors; and developing competitor-proof relationships with your guests. Because of this, we believe it is always better to spend more on training than it does on advertising. From greeting the guest through to presenting the check, marketing is in everything. We bake it into the concept from the start.

The best restaurant marketing invests from the inside out – starting with the brand, then the product, then the internal customer, and then within the four walls of the restaurant, the property line, and then out the neighborhood. So there’s a lot to do before the first dime is ever spent on a traditional advertisement. And even then, anybody with a checkbook can buy an ad, but not everybody gets written about. Word of mouth is the best kind of marketing, but if it’s not worth writing about, then it’s not worth talking about.

Our holistic and integrated approach is enhanced by the fact that we have a specialized focus. We’re fortunate and thankful that both our profession and passion are one in the same. And we believe every business deserves and demands a thoughtfully constructed plan for growing sales and profits – a strategic roadmap that effectively and efficiently helps you reach the fullest potential of your company. We encourage you to not be the better alternative, but to be the only company doing what you do. Betterness is subjective, and you can only sell differences, not similarities.

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