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Aaron Allen & Associates is the leading restaurant consulting firm in the world with the strategic prowess and creative chops necessary to drive the type of transformative concepts that redefine markets and create entirely new categories. Collectively, our clients post more than $100 billion in revenues and span more than 100 countries.

These industry leaders come to us with diverse needs that only a nimble team of multi-functional experts can deliver. Whether you’re looking to translate your global brand into a new regional market, build a new brand from scratch, evolve a plateaued concept, or just need help with day-to-day marketing, finance or operations, we are here to serve.

What really sets us apart is the degree of top-level council that remains involved throughout the duration of each project, from ideation all the way to execution. No matter what segment, market or business lifecycle stage your brand is in, we will provide you with a bespoken team of industry experts that will work collaboratively on your unique challenges.

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We are built to deliver unparalleled results for clients posting anywhere between $10 million and $10+ billion in revenues. Owing to the immense complexity of the restaurant industry, Aaron Allen has developed a unique, holistic approach to consulting work that relies on equal parts chemistry and collaboration with each client. No other restaurant consultant takes this type of integrated approach to uncovering your real needs. Nor do they have the expertise available day-to-day to implement or operationalize a cross-functional action plan.

What we do is based entirely on the client and situation. Our capabilities run deep and we are confident we can respond to nearly any business need. If we can’t, we respect you enough to tell you that upfront.


Concept Development

By baking marketing directly into concepts, we take a unique approach to creating restaurant prototypes. Our integrated multidisciplinary teams lead the process, from ideation all the way to launch and execution, utilizing a holistic approach that integrates all functional needs. We are also the only firm to specialize in global concept development and brand translation.

Brand Revitalization

Is your concept beginning to fall flat in your market? We excel at reimagining restaurant designs and creating operational efficiencies, working in a highly strategic manner to breathe fresh life into marketing and operations. We will help you create a rallying cry that will unite your entire organization around a shared vision for the future.

Brand & Marketing Strategy

Whether by default or design, everything in your restaurant communicates. Storytelling is at the heart of each unique concept we work on. By forging strong brand identities and then consistently pulling those narrative components through all communication channels, consumer touch-points and functional business areas, we create integrated campaigns that cut through the noise.

Performance Measurement & Management

Our 300-point site audits and strategic business planning are regularly requested by C-suites at billion dollar brands to drive efficiencies. Our services include: Strategic Planning: Sector-service comparisons and benchmarks, competitive analysis, development of key performance indicators (KPIs), operating ratios and metrics Auditing: Financial analysis, evaluation of personnel and organizational structure, process and SOP documentation Location/Unit Visits: 300-point inspections covering design, service, people, facilities, location analysis, visibility, health and safety, compliance, etc.

Investor Due Diligence

Aaron Allen has served as a technical advisor to some of the world’s leading private equity groups and investors. We offer a whole suite of customized intelligence tools that show how to unlock value and gain traction with short-term priorities while building a more comprehensive and sustainable long-term improvement plan. From basic financial analyses to full-fledged 360 degree audits and everything in between, we will maximize the return on your investment no matter your goals.

Experience Enhancement

Sometimes even the greatest concept doesn’t click with guests. We specialize in aligning the 6 P’s – Purpose, Product, People, Process, Place & Promotion – to make sure all the boats are rowing in the same direction. Our approach is highly strategic and collaborative, combining deep research with experience audits, business analysis, benchmarking, journey mapping and competitive differentiation to help determine “Where’s the Wow?”

Long-Range Planning

Owing to the depth and breadth of our exposure, our collective finger is constantly on the restaurant industry’s pulse. We serve as industry futurists and are happy to apply our knowledge to helping you plot a sustainable growth plan. Our team excels at delivering comprehensive business plans, financial forecasts and predictions, investor presentations, capital budget plans and exit strategies.

Innovation & Ideation

Credited of the diverse skill sets of our team, we tend to look at old problems in new, paradigm-shattering ways. From understanding shifting consumer behavior in the fragmented digital era, to having a macro view of industry trends while simultaneously knowing each segment intimately enough to foresee what will make a brand stand out in its category, we can help you leapfrog the competition.


How Can We Help?

After spending more than a decade working globally alongside C-level executives and independent restaurant owners, we can confidentially tell you two simple truisms of our business:

  1. No two projects are alike. What clients start off thinking they need may not actually be what they need.
  2. This is why we take a tailored approach to each client engagement that begins with building the type of trust that is necessary to spark collaboration.

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