Restaurant Investment

How to Prepare for A Private Equity Restaurant Investment

The private equity world is currently a sellers’ market, but this won’t last long. High asset prices, intense competition among bidders, and ongoing geopolitical instability have made deals harder and harder to come by, meaning that there’s lot of dry powder looking for safe — and profitable — homes. (In

Private Equity Investment Overview for Restaurant Operators

How could you grow your business with a $50m private equity investment? Would you expand into new markets, roll out the prototypes you’ve been dreaming of, or deploy new technology to make it even easier for diners to get your food? We’re predicting a lot of activity in the lower middle-market

Lower Middle-Market Restaurants Hit Valuation & Growth Sweet Spot

In the world of restaurant mergers and acquisitions, big deals — like 2017’s sales of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen ($1.8b) or Panera Bread (~$7.5b) — tend to get the most attention. But private equity firms should also look at lower middle-market restaurant investment opportunities for deals that deliver solid growth to their

Q1 2018 Restaurant Mergers & Acquisitions Roundup

If we just looked at the numbers, we might conclude that restaurant mergers and acquisitions stagnated last year. But there were still some massive deals: notably Post Holding Inc.’s purchase of Bob Evans Farms for $1.5b, Restaurant Brands International’s (RBI) deal to acquire Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen for $1.8b, and Panera

Sell-Side Due Diligence Checklist for Restaurants

Before making an investment, funds and private investors want to know as much as possible about the business opportunity. This due diligence checklist will help the deal team start the internal research project, which will give them — and potential investors — a comprehensive overview of the enterprise. A sell-side

Confidential Information Memorandum: Key Documentation for Private Equity Investments

Restaurants provide potential investors with a Confidential Information Memorandum early in the deal process. The document is designed to give firms a clear and accurate picture of the investment, while highlighting why it represents such an unmissable opportunity. The sell-side deal team should work with legal counsel, an investment banker,

2017 Restaurant Mergers and Acquisitions: An Update

Recent data suggests that restaurant mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are set to continue growing, both in number and in value. In fact, the number of restaurant M&A deals in the US increased by 86% between 2004 and 2016. Recently, we’re seeing specific pockets of the industry benefit from restaurant mergers

A Recent History of Food Tech IPOs

Food tech has made its mark on the restaurant industry in a major way. In fact, we’re witnessing such a seismic change that the full ramifications of how tech will impact restaurants still remains to be seen. What is for certain is that tech companies will continue to crop up,

Who’s Who Among Public GCC Restaurant and Hospitality Companies

A slew of headlines have plagued the GCC in recent months — many related to poor economic conditions brought on by political issues and sagging oil prices. GCC restaurant stocks have been impacted but, despite the recent problems, the region (and the hospitality sector in particular) continues to experience growth,