Restaurant Branding

Boosting Restaurant Revenue: Part 8 of 10 – New Things to Buzz About

Something has gone wrong at one of my old favorite restaurants. I decided to make my notes for this part in the boosting restaurant revenue series from a table at one of my old favorite restaurants in Orlando – Luma on Park.  Five years ago, Luma was the hottest new restaurant in Central Florida.  It was a first date kind of place.  We entertained some of our best clients here, and for awhile I was spending a significant pile of cash here every week, without an end in sight. This was a great restaurant, with an adventurous menu of contemporary American fare, and creating massive buzz throughout Orlando and Central Florida – but judging by my latest visit, Luma has fallen from grace.

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Restaurant Branding: Brand Story

Humans think, relate and communicate in the form of story.  Hundreds of years before the invention of the printing press epic stories like the Iliad and Odyssey traveled the world because they were compelling and easy to remember stories.  Religious, civic, community, and business leaders make their point with stories rather than just hard facts.  Stories that help us understand where we’ve been, where we’re going, and how our piece fits in to the bigger picture are among the most powerful tools used by great leaders.  Whether you run a global restaurant chain, the marketing department, or are a start-up restaurant owner, you can build more consensus and become a better leader by telling stories with your restaurant branding.

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Restaurant Branding: Brand Personality

Brands, like people, should have a personality.  There are six billion people on planet Earth and only a very tiny fraction of them are highly paid celebrities.  The celebrities have a personality that is so unique and stands out that others gravitate to them and become their fans.  Often, the fame and status of a celebrity is in direct proportion to their uniqueness of talent and personality (not in every case – some are famous just for being famous, but that’s a different blog post).

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Restaurant Branding: Brand Positioning

The father of modern day positioning – and my favorite marketing author – is Al Ries.  I certainly wouldn’t attempt to out-do him in explaining brand positioning so if you have not yet read his books, I highly encourage you to (starting with Focus).  What I can do though is help restaurant and food industry companies apply the principles to their own branding and marketing.

The idea of positioning is that “You don’t merely want to be considered the best of the best; you want to be considered the only one who does what you do”.

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Restaurant Branding Invasion

It appeared as silently as the surprise attack of Pearl Harbor. Then, like an explosion, the buzz of restaurant branding hit the industry, and we’ve been bombarded by the self appointed ambassadors of the message ever since. Read more »