13 Mobile Restaurant Marketing Examples

13 Mobile Restaurant Marketing Examples

Restaurant ordering is changing. According to a study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, 69% of those surveyed have placed orders using a mobile device, with 50% having downloaded a restaurant-specific app and 55% downloading a restaurant review app such as Yelp (37%), Urbanspoon (24%), and Zagat (9%).

Following are 13 examples of mobile restaurant marketing that uses this technology trend to their advantage.


Jack In The Box Drives Guests to Social Media

When Jack in the Box saw the surge in mobile traffic to its web site, the company redesigned to get in on this mobile restaurant marketing  trend. They wanted to drive engagement, encourage repeat visits, and prompt social network sharing. The new mobile website and smartphone app for their “Hot Mess Burger,“ “Hot Mess Wedges,” and “Hot Cinnamon Shake” now links directly to Jack’s Facebook and Twitter feeds, flaunts the new menu, and locates the nearest drive-through.

Jack in the Box’s Hot Mess Landing Page


P.F. Chang’s App Rewards Guests

P.F. Chang’s introduced a mobile app to boost their “Warrior Rewards” loyalty program. Customers who download the app receive a free appetizer and can hang out with Chang by accessing specials and promotions, finding the closest location, browsing the menu, placing a to-go order, determining their “Dish of Destiny” or creating a Mad Lib style fortune cookie to share on Twitter or Facebook.

P.F. Chang’s Mobile App


Chili’s Encourages Bragging

Even social media users who ignore ads read their friends’ posts, so Chili’s now offers freebies to patrons who check-in with their Facebook or Foursquare apps.  With one click, the apps use a smartphone’s GPS location to tell the world who’s got free chips & salsa or an ice cream topped brownie.

Chili’s Foursquare Check In Page


Bar Louie’s Lets Guests Pay From Home

With Bar Louie’s app, guests can buy rounds, send gifts, and be the life of the party — all while staying home. Friends check-in with their location on Facebook using the app, then a mobile user with the Bar Louie’s app can specify what drinks to send to which people, making their smartphones into gift cards.

Guests buy drinks on Bar Louie’s mobile app


McDonald’s Mobile App Gets Local

McDonald’s is now utilizing geo-targeted ads in mobile applications using a smartphone’s GPS. Their current ad in the popular Pandora music app shows the exact distance to the McDonalds location nearest where a user stands. Tap on the ad, and guests can see every other location in close proximity.

Geo-targeted list of McDonald’s locations


Pei Wei Giveaway Sees Results

Pei Wei Asian Diner added 6,000 people to their email list in only two weeks by offering a special promotion via their smartphone app and SMS program. The promotion succeeded with a redemption rate of over 20% for the certificate.

Pei Wei Buy One, Get One mobile offer


Dunkin’ Donuts Encourages Loyalty

Dunkin’ Donuts utilized mobile marketing as a way to increase location visits. The chain offered high dollar prizes to those who checked in at locations via social media apps Foursquare and/or Facebook the most often. Participants were able to check in once an hour for a maximum of ten times per day.

Dunkin’ Donuts Facebook check-in app


CiCi’s Pizza Takes Loyalty Cards Mobile

CiCi’s Pizza partnered with Key Ring to take the classic loyalty card digital. Guests simply download the Key Ring app, sign up for CiCi’s Mobile Pizza Perks and enjoy exclusive offers from their favorite restaurant.

CiCi’s Pizza mobile loyalty program


Buffalo Wild Wings Lets Guests Hunt For Prizes

Sports bar and restaurant chain Buffalo Wild Wings found success by utilizing their mobile app, SCVNGR. The app, available for most smart phones, presents users with a series of challenges to win prizes. Most activities involve an action within the restaurant location (i.e.. taking a photo of a napkin or tabletop, etc.)

Buffalo Wild Wings SCVNGR screenshot


Hard Rock Pages Guests With SMS

Hard Rock Café now uses ReadyPing, an SMS based application designed to let customers know when their tables are ready as well as other information and alerts. The app allows far more interaction than the old pagers and is becoming so popular, it is spilling into other industries.

Hard Rock Café SMS alert


Starwood App Tracks Benefits

Luxury hotel and restaurant brand Starwood has paired with Apple’s Passbook. The mobile app allows users to link and track their member benefit cards and track reservations with every subsidiary. The brand states their main reason for this move is to help users easily track benefit points and to encourage them to increase their balances.

Starwood Member Benefit homepage


Cookbook Cooks Up Buzz

InterContinental Hotels has released an iPad Cookbook app, with recipes created by some of the brand’s most esteemed chefs. The hotel hopes to attract customers who try the recipes at home, like them, and want to visit the group’s luxury restaurants. The program is free and available in Apple’s App Store.

InterContinental Cookbook cover


White Castle Directs Guests Through App

White Castle guests can opt-in to Text2Crave, an app service that sends custom SMS text alerts whenever the guest’s smartphone is near a location. Users can enjoy free snacks, contests, promotions or, at the very least, directions.

White Castle gives directions through SMS

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