Global Foodservice Industry Distilled

500+ pages of data-rich quantitative analysis, charts, and insights

We’ve helped 2,000+ clients across 100 countries and collectively posting more than $200b in revenue. Some examples of companies we've worked with and organizations utilizing AA&A data include…

What You'll Get

Get Answers to the Questions Keeping You Awake at Night

And insights on market share, growth and expansion, CAPEX, labor challenges, food commodities, regulatory issues, consumer trends, competitive landscape, performance optimization, mergers & acquisitions, promotional effectiveness, menu strategy, robotics, automation, and more.

An Exceptional Reference Guide for a wide-range of Restaurant Industry Stakeholders

This report is designed for anybody looking to get a better understanding of the restaurant industry and obtain forecasts of where it’s headed to make decisions on where to invest and how to grow. 

Keep up to date with what’s happening outside the business.

Stay informed about seismic industry shifts.

Compare performance to industry benchmarks and find gaps.

Improve sagging sales and generate more attention within the same budget.

Help find the targets most likely to secure the desired IRR.

Identify total addressable market and create a sales strategy tailored to what the operators want.

Accelerate brand expansion while mitigating risks.

Identify strategies to compete with the “big guys” using the advantage of agility.

Gain Unique and Proprietary Insights on Essential Industry Trends and Forecasts

With as fast as the consumer, competition, technology, and disruptive forces are moving, restaurant executive teams, operators, and investors are wise to bring in quantitative data covering: 

global restaurant industry strategy

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a comprehensive library with all the primary research that’s out there on global foodservice and restaurant industry stats, add our own primary research, and build a composite view of what is shaping the industry and the dynamics that matter most. We love bringing perspective, context, connecting the dots, and contributing in a meaningful capacity. 

The report is accessible as a PDF. One purchase gets you one copy in a digital format. 

Anyone with a stake in the foodservice industry. From independent operators to board members of multibillion-dollar, multi-national chains to the suppliers serving those organizations, there’s something for everyone. 

This report sells for $7,500 (USD). 

You don’t have to take our word for it. The best in the industry say this is highly unique content not available anywhere else. Not just the data, it’s the unique analysis and perspective that brings the data to life and makes it actionable. Our report is packed with quantitative analysis, but all the insights were created through the lens of “so what?”. As a consultancy, we have to make data actionable, and a blended, multi-disciplined team (of economists, statisticians, operators, marketers, etc.) contributed to the insights and analysis contained in this modern foodservice industry bible.

Yes, of course — if it’s easier for you to pay via a wire transfer, please send an email to (or call as at +1-312-701-3500) and our team will be happy to develop an invoice for your accounting department and then can share a copy of the report directly with you as soon as payment has been processed. 

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