Restaurant Technology: The First 5,000 Days of the Internet

Having watched Kevin Kelly’s TED video at least a half-dozen times, I still believe it is one of the most insightful tools for understanding where the Internet has been and where it is likely to go. Those who are looking to understand the notion of “Web 2.0” will find this video very helpful. While it won’t give you specific answers for what to do with your own restaurant marketing or website (and isn’t intended to), it is one of the first recommendations I have for restaurant marketers and industry executives who are grappling with the fast-paced evolution of digital marketing. For those who are trying to understand the big picture of it, the above video is a great starting point to help them first stretch their minds and get a big picture perspective to then start to narrow in and apply the potential of new technology to their business.

The Changing of Restaurant Technology

The restaurant industry is – like all industries – being irreversibly changed by technology. Surprisingly, some restaurant industry executives still are taking a wait-and-see approach to many of the new technologies proliferating and influencing the future of business. If this much happened in the first 5,000 days of the Internet, imagine what the next 5,000 will be like.

It’s important to stay current and consistent with the constant changes in restaurant technology for a brand’s own survival. Guests are constantly looking for newer, better experiences thanks to the early adaption of many new technologies: from websites, to social media, to in-store technology. Staying the status quo means your business risks getting left behind.

Restaurant Consultant Aaron Allen


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