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10 Unique Restaurants in Asia

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While many in the restaurant industry recognize Asian countries for having some unusual and eccentric restaurants, these examples really stand out. From vampires and graveyards to pedicures and toilets, these 10 unique restaurants in Asia certainly have unique concepts, décor, and food.

Unique Restaurants in Asia

1. Fish for Your Food

If you’ve ever felt the urge to catch your own food and eat it, this Japanese restaurant is the place to start. Upon walking into Zauo, which translates to “sit and fish,” you’re given a fishing pole and pointed in the direction of the type of fish you’d like to catch. The meals are served on a wooden fishing boat in the middle of the room. Segmented tanks full of fish surround the boat. There are a variety of options to choose from including red snapper, sea brim, sharks, and lobsters.

Unique Restaurants in Asia 1

Source: Australia Society Tokyo

2. Coffee with Cream, Sugar, and a Pedicure

Guests can have their feet pampered while enjoying a morning coffee at this unusual restaurant. At Dr. Fish Café in Seoul, servers give guests the spa treatment – they pamper guests’ feet by dipping them in water full of little fish that eat the dead skin away. (At this café, the guests aren’t the only ones who get to enjoy a meal.) There are two different types of fish that perform the Dr. Fish special, the Chinchin from China and Garra Rufa from Turkey.

Unique Restaurants in Asia 2

Source: Drama Fever

3. Medical Mealtime

The Imperial Herbal Restaurant has an in-house Chinese doctor who gives consults and diagnoses customers. Part of this Singapore restaurant’s appeal is incorporating health into their meals. Along with their on-hand physician, the chef uses his knowledge of herbal medicine and infuses it into the cooking to create fresh gourmet dishes.

Unique Restaurants in Asia 3

Source: Trip Advisor

4. Reptile Restaurant

Not many places would consider it sanitary to serve food with reptiles in such close quarters, but that is exactly what this reptile café specializes in. Yokohama Subtropical Tea is a gathering place for reptile lovers and aficionados from all around the world. The restaurant is home to 30 different species of reptiles and 11 types of newts. There’s also an area in the back where tortoises roam around freely. Think of it as part teahouse, part petting zoo.

Unique Restaurants in Asia 4

Source: Inventor Spot

5. Feast with the Fishes

Located five meters below the surface, Ithaa Undersea Restaurant offers a unique dining experience. Aside from the adventure of being so far underground, this restaurant in Maldives offers a 180-degree panoramic view where guests can see fish swimming all around them as they dine. Talk about underwater luxury.

Unique Restaurants in Asia 5

Source: A Luxury Travel Blog

6. “Twilight” Types in Tokyo

This Tokyo restaurant has such a distinctive vampire atmosphere that it’s not hard to guess the restaurant is called the Vampire Café. The inside is purposely kept very dark. The walls, chairs, and linens use a large amount of red velvet, and coffins adorn this spooky space with dripping candle wax. The menu is vampire-friendly (there is no garlic in their food) and they offer a seductive red cocktail.

Unique Restaurants in Asia 6

Source: Top Often

7. Monkey Around

Go bananas with the monkeys at this forest-themed eatery, Gulai House. Gulai House is a former palace that has been transformed into a high-end restaurant. This restaurant is uniquely located on the island of Langkawi and is situated in a forest. Throughout the meal, guests will constantly hear the native birds and monkeys. Think of them as live entertainment.

Unique Restaurants in Asia 7

Source: Langkawi Gazette

8. Cannibalistic Sushi

This sushi eatery in Tokyo is known for its “cannibalistic” sushi – guests eat the traditional raw fish dish out of a fake edible body mold of a woman. Nyotaimori, or “female body plate,” is the ideal name for this place. The name is traditionally linked to restaurants where guests eat sushi off of a nude woman’s body, but in this case, guests eat the “body” as well. The body consists of dough skin, sauce blood, and once it is cut open, the edible sushi organs are revealed.

Unique Restaurants in Asia 8

Source: Web Urbanist

9. Restaurant of Restrooms

The golden throne, the can, a privy, and a commode – these are all words for the toilet, but the one word that you don’t usually hear associated with “the John” is restaurant. In this restroom-themed restaurant, customers perch themselves on toilet seats in Taipei to savor poop (actually chocolate) presented in small toilet bowls. Toilet paper rolls hold the napkins, and drinks are served in miniature urinals.

Unique Restaurants in Asia 9

Source: Web Urbanist

10. Graveyard Grub

If you have an obsession with the dead, The New Lucky Restaurant in Ahmadabad, India would be a good place to die – uh, try. This graveyard restaurant goes a step further than other death-themed restaurants that use coffins as décor – the coffins here actually have bodies inside. It originally began as a teahouse outside a cemetery, but over the years, it expanded to the inside of the graveyard. The graves are made of green concrete and are situated between the tables, usually with a candle on top. Instead of providing an ominous presence, the graves are actually thought to bring good luck.

Unique Restaurants in Asia 10

Source: Web Urbanist

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