What Le Bernardin Can Teach Us About Bad Service

Le Bernardin, one of America’s Top 50 Restaurants, turns away customers seeking a $55 lunch over a $3 cup of Starbucks tea and in so doing offers many lessons in what not to do. Ever since my days at The Breakers Palm Beach – a Five Star, Five Diamond hotel

Restaurant Complaints: Not Just a Right, A Responsibility

The restaurant service you receive today is a direct result of our collective willingness to complain yesterday. A complaint is the expression of grief, pain, or dissatisfaction. Generally seen as negative, complaining has actually created some amazing things.

Successful Restaurant Design

A successful restaurant design brings its brand and brand personality to life for all to see. To accomplish this, it needs to appear focused, functional, inviting and consistent — all while making enough room for possible expansion, renovation and longevity.

Restaurant Slogans That Need to Go (and Soon)

Good Food, Good Times, Good Friends, Good Service. If your restaurant slogan goes anything like this, change it! There is not a restaurant in America that prides itself on having poor service, atmosphere or food; at least not a successful one. From McDonald’s to famed Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago –

The Value of Restaurant Public Relations

How effective is a well-crafted restaurant public relations campaign? Who should you hire to run your restaurant public relations campaign? Learn more here.

Restaurant Sales Building Strategies

Sales Building Methods There are only four methods of building restaurant sales. Are you missing out on successful strategies for raising restaurant revenue?

Restaurant Public Relations

Restaurant Public Relations personalizes your brand and your story. Through a variety of vehicles, an effective restaurant public relations campaign lets your intended audience become familiar with what your business is all about. Other forms of advertising, like billboard advertising, limit you to post a single message that customers may

Restaurant Interior Design

For millions of Americans, dining is more than eating out. It’s a form of entertainment. That means guests don’t want to feel at home. They want a memorable experience away from home. Savvy eateries understand that restaurant interior design consulting is part of that memorable experience.

Tips for How to Market a Restaurant

Learning how to market a restaurant is both an art and a science that is shrouded in mystery for far too many restaurant owners.  Unfortunately, many advertising sales people don’t want you to know what’s really working. They want you to think that the television spots your competitor is running