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4 Stunning Restaurant Bathroom Designs

When guests enter your restaurant’s bathroom are they impressed by the room or left wishing they had “held it”? Here are 4 restaurant bathroom designs that make anything short of their beauty seem like a truck stop.

1. Odessa Restaurant in Kiev, Ukraine

Odessa’s bathrooms are bold in their design: the women’s bathroom has an all-white color palate with some light wood accents, while the men’s bathroom has a black, grey and red scheme. The focal point for each room, though, is the closet that houses the toilets. With graphic designs printed across the walls and doors, these cubbies draw the eye in and give an edgy feel to the room.

restaurant bathroom design -- Odessa

2. Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel in Chicago, Illinois, USA

At the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel, the entire bathroom is covered from floor to ceiling with thousands of reflective glass mosaic tiles. It almost resembles a disco ball, but without making the bathroom look retro. In fact, it lends a sleek sophistication to the room while making it appear twice as big.

restaurant bathroom design - Radisson

3. New Heights Restaurant in Shanghai, China

New Heights Restaurant uses raw materials such as concrete and metal panels to create an urban contemporary look. It’s sleek design and green accent color, when written about, seem odd, but the design comes together into a visually appealing and awe-inspiring room.

restaurant bathroom design -- New Heights

4. Vanity Nightclub in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

While more a bar than a restaurant, we couldn’t pass up talking about Vanity – just like the guests are. A 2,000 square foot bathroom with six individual vanities, each with its own backlit mirrors and round tufted red velvet seat, is accented with wall murals on each side of the bathroom’s length: one called “the golden eye” and the other “the golden lips”.

restaurant bathroom design - Vanity Night Club
restaurant bathroom design -- Vanity Nightclub

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