5 Cool Examples of Delivery Services from Casual Dining Restaurants

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According to the National Restaurant Association in the United States, 90 percent of casual dining restaurants offer takeout food. More and more of these restaurants are adding delivery services. Here are five cool examples of delivery services from casual dining restaurants and ideas as inspiration for restaurateurs to use with their own delivery programs.

1. Sushi Man

Japanese casual dining restaurant Ko Sushi created this little man as an eye-catching, unique part of its delivery service. The flyer features their delivery menu on the back, and a sushi man handling food items on the front. It gets slipped under the door with deliveries. It is great way to highlight the freshness of their delivery sushi, and reference the hospitality offered by the restaurant.

Delivery Services from Casual Dining Restaurants 1

Source: Coloribus.com

2. Hotpot Delivery

Hotpot is a traditional type of cuisine served at Chinese casual restaurants. HaiDiLao, one of the most famous Hotpot chains in China, creates this hotpot delivery service that takes the hotpot to your house. The deliveryman brings the hotpot, an electric stove, broths, food items, aprons, and even a trash can to the guests. He will wait until everyone finishes the meal. According to the manager, this delivery program offers customers an excellent experience and it generates positive buzz.

Delivery Services from Casual Dining Restaurants 2

Source: npr.org

3. Once-a-Week Delivery

Cuisine en Locale, a group of local restaurants in Massachusetts, launched the once-a-week delivery program to bring weekly sustainable casual dining cuisine to the table. Chefs get fresh ingredients from local farms over the weekend and cook on Monday. The food is delivered on Tuesday to the guest’s house or to the nearest pickup spot.

4. Dirty Cookware

Ordering delivery food from a casual dining restaurant may be embarrassing to some if it’s meant for guests at a dinner party, but Housebites in the UK has created a “pretend you cooked” program that makes people feel comfortable serving take-out food to their guests. By adding an extra £5, people can have the dirty pan supposedly used to cook the meal for added authenticity.

Delivery Services from Casual Dining Restaurants 3

Source: neatorama.com

5. The Spirit of Ramadan

Casual dining restaurant Al Safadi in Dubai, Qatar launched this “Delivering the spirit of Ramadan” program during the month of Ramadan to build cultural awareness. Stickers with the traditional Arabic saying “You never return an empty plate” were attached on the back of washable and reusable delivery boxes to encourage guests to refill them and hand them out to the less fortunate. A list of organizations was also included for donations. The service created nearly 1.5 million impressions on social media, which is equivalent to $36,500 USD of ad value. In addition, the campaign helped the restaurant to serve its community.

Delivery Services from Casual Dining Restaurants 4

Source: dubailynx.com

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