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5 Tips for Creating Great Hotel F&B Blog Content

Blogging is a great way to improve your website’s SEO and keep your guests up-to-date on the latest news at your venue. Whether you highlight your food or events, guests will eat it up. Here are 5 tips for creating great hotel F&B blog content that will keep your fans coming back.

1. Get the Tastemakers on Board

Food bloggers can be extremely helpful in expanding your brand’s reach. Guoman Hotels promotes their food by blogging about bloggers. Posts include recipes “fit for food bloggers” as well as a recap of an F&B blogger dinner hosted at the Cumberland Hotel. By catering to the web savvy, they’re sharing expert advice while gaining the Internet’s attention.


hotel f&b blog

2. Stay On Top of the Trends

When a guest hears about something new, they’ll look it up online. This is a great way to reach new guests while establishing your restaurant’s reputation as a hub for the unique and interesting. InterContinental Hotels are getting epicures to think globally by sharing culinary trends from every destination. Maybe guests never thought about vacationing in Cleveland, but a post about pastry classes could catch their attention.


hotel f&b blog

3. Teach Them Something

What’s the use of writing (or reading) a blog that doesn’t teach you something new or interesting? The Blog Vienna International does much more than post recipes (although their digital cookbook is impressive). They’ve actually made their hotel blog into a sort of guidebook. Posts like their piece on proper etiquette for a business lunch are applicable to every reader, not just incoming guests. Meaning more people will read their blog, thus increasing their exposure to prospective guests.

hotel f&b blog

4. Encourage Engagement With Crowd-Sourcing

Guests want to feel like a part of your brand. Letting them contribute content is a great way to start. The Gansevoort Hotel in NYC uses Foodspotting to create a digital photo menu with pictures taken by their guests.

hotel f&b blog

5. Delicious Pictures Are the Key to Clickable Content

It’s true. We eat with our eyes. So get guests clicking by offering up some tasty photos like at Taste by the Four Seasons.

hotel f&b blog

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