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7 Hotel Restaurants and Bars Setting Themselves Apart

Restaurants are awarded and ranked based on the variety and quality of their menu items as well as service, ambiance, and many other factors. But of these top ranked, who is doing more than just serving great food? Here are seven of the top hotel restaurants and bars that are adding a little extra flavor for their guests.

1. Vendôme At The Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

If you’re cooking good food, why not serve a lot of it? At Vendôme, head chef Joachim Wissler serves up an extensive menu (and by that we mean 25 courses) of modern German cuisine.

top hotel restaurants and bars -- Vendome
2. Nahm At The Metropolitan Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Head chef David Thompson bases many of the spectacular Thai dishes served at Nahm on recipes he found in ancient Thai cookbooks — giving guests a genuine taste of the “old world”.

Top hotel restaurants and bars -- Nahm
3. La Pergola At The Hotel Rome Cavalieri, Rome, Italy

Your menu is important, but so is the ambiance. At La Pergola, diners enjoy their meal amid the hotel’s stunning art collection of rare antiques, paintings, and pieces of bespoke handblown glass, creating a one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

Top hotel restaurants and bars -- La Pergola
4. Le Louis XV — Alain Ducasse At The Hôtel De Paris, Monte Carlo, Monaco

Le Louis XV — Alain Ducasse was the first restaurant (ever) to earn three Michelin stars. Why? Well, yes, they serve great food; but they also have an enviable wine list — over 600,000 bottles.

top hotel restaurants and bars -- Le Louis XV
5. Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons In-House Restaurant, Oxfordshire, UK

At Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons’ in-house restaurant, they’re cooking with produce grown on their own two acre garden. That’s 90 types of vegetables and 70-plus herbs grown right outside the restaurant.

top hotel restaurants and bars -- Le Manoir
6. The Woods At The Four Seasons, Sydney, Australia

Steak and seafood are always favorites, but they become epic crowd-pleasers when cooked over a wood-burning grill. That’s how The Woods prepares their dishes, the apple, spruce, and ironbark logs adding flavor to the meal.

top hotel restaurants and bars -- the wood
7. Stue Bar At The Das Stue Hotel, Berlin, Germany

The Stue Bar’s massive windows take advantage of an unusual vista. The bar’s next door neighbor is a zoo, giving guests a unique view to ponder while they sip their drinks.

top hotel bars and restaurants -- zoo

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