Unique Restaurants in Africa Featured

8 Unique Restaurant Designs in Africa

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As the middle class is growing in some African countries and the restaurant industry is increasing, differentiation is a key factor. The following 8 unique restaurant designs in Africa learned how to set themselves apart. Their offerings include incredible views, exciting places, and even a fast food place where everyone on staff has a hearing impairment.

Unique Restaurants in Africa

1. Jaws: The Restaurant?

Want a little bit of adventure and fear with your dinner? Guests can feast next to sharks in this unique restaurant design at Cargo Hold. Cargo Hold is able to offer such an up close and personal view of these magnificently terrifying creatures because they’re located in the stern of the Phantom Ship. Thankfully, with proper barriers and protection, people are not on the menu in this exciting restaurant concept.

Unique Restaurants in Africa 1

Source: Ushaka Marine World

2. Tree Time

This interesting restaurant, Big Baobab in Limpopo Province, can be found within one of Africa’s most symbolic trees. The Sunland Baobab tree, which is also known as the upside down tree, is recognized around the world as the widest of its species. It’s about 6,000 years old. The restaurant has a pub inside of one of the Sunland trees, and outside rests the actual tree house restaurant.

Unique Restaurants in Africa 2

Source: Spot Cool Stuff

3. The Belly of the Whale

Accompanying this restaurant, Two Oceans, is a view that makes you feel as if you’re in the middle of the ocean. The design of this restaurant resembles a whale’s rib cage and directs the eye to the sea. The design and the view are what make the restaurant so special. It seems like you’re looking at the edge of the world.

Unique Restaurants in Africa 3

Source: Sa-Venues

4. Dinner Under the Stars in an Observatory Restaurant

This Johannesburg restaurant is a stellar destination for a romantic date. Along with dinner comes a chance to gaze through the largest privately owned telescope in South Africa. The telescope is normally used during the dessert course, with the telescope images displayed on a screen in the restaurant for all to see.

Unique Restaurants in Africa 4

Source: Aloeridgehotel.com

5. African Safari

This exciting restaurant design, Crocafellas, is located on one of Africa’s largest safari destinations, Kruger National Park. If being on safari ground weren’t enough, it’s also suspended above crocodile infested water. How’s that for a dining adventure?

Unique Restaurants in Africa 5

Source: Kaapstad

6. Roma Revolving Restaurant

Hopefully guests won’t get dizzy while dining in this revolving restaurant. At Roma Revolving Restaurant in Durban, both the floor and windows revolve, revealing the city, the sea, and the bay a little bit at a time. Accompanying this rotating view is exquisite Italian inspired artwork on the walls.

Unique Restaurants in Africa 6

Source: About.com

7. Exotic Gardens

At Moyo, guests are able to dine under the stars in the midst of a beautiful exotic scene. This restaurant is situated in a lavish garden in Stellenbosch. African culture and food are celebrated. Guests are exposed to a buffet and can relax under the night sky, surrounded by beautiful and exotic plants.

Unique Restaurants in Africa 7

Source: Moyo

8. Deaf-Friendly KFC

While at first glance it’s just another KFC, the Cairo location is quite unique. This KFC is run and staffed by the hearing impaired. It’s the first KCF of its kind. All employees are deaf to some degree and speak sign language. There is a large deaf population in Egypt, so this restaurant is unique and helpful to the community.

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