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How to Leverage Facebook Commerce for Restaurants

Facebook is no longer just a social sharing site to post photos of your dog and comment on your friend’s latest status update. That’s because Facebook has finally found a way to monetize the site without charging its over 1 billion users a fee. The world of Facebook commerce now includes the food realm.

What does Facebook Commerce Mean For Restaurants?

Ease of ordering for customers, simplifying the payment process, and increasing sales not only of food but merchandise and gift cards that were harder to get in front of customers before are just a few benefits from this new restaurant technology.

Easy Ordering Through Third Party Applications on Facebook

Chow Now, NetWaiter, ONOSYS and other companies allow restaurants to embed online ordering into the eateries’ Facebook pages using their platforms. The sites have different payment tiers and allow the social media site’s users to never leave Facebook while placing their takeout and delivery orders.

It’s an easy and direct way for hungry Facebook users to order via their computer or smartphone. Plus users give a restaurant automatic advertising when they “like” a restaurant page or menu item, which all their friends will see.

Boosting Sales With Facebook Gifts

Facebook created the Facebook Card, avilable in the US, in early 2013. Facebook users can buy friends gift cards to major companies like Olive Garden, Jamba Juice and Outback Steakhouse. The recipient is mailed one physical Facebook Card to which all the purchased “gift card” amounts are linked.

The card is trackable but not yet universal, i.e., the $25 you got for Olive Garden can’t also be used at Jamba Juice. There’s also an option to gift via digital code for some companies as well. Example: Give the birthday boy a $50 voucher for a steak at Morton’s.

But even if a restaurant isn’t on the Facebook list of partner companies, it can still add a customized plug-in to their Facebook page that allows them to link to online gift card purchases, like at TGI Fridays for instance.
facebook commerce for restaurants - gift cards

Sales Boosts for Restaurants With Facebook Commerce

Online ordering has proven to increase food sales numbers as was the case with Taco Spot in Charleston, South Carolina, which had a 10 percent order increase after starting Facebook ordering. According to NetWaiter, online orders are 20 percent bigger than phone orders as well.

Facebook also makes it easier to link your online merchandise store, either on your website or through your Facebook page. It’s much easier to sell T-shirts when all the sizes, colors and design options are listed right in front of you.
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