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Restaurant Signage: 3 Creative Blade Sign Concepts

With the restaurant industry growing at such a fast pace, sometimes trying to stand out may seem impossible. With just a bit of creativity and a touch of innovative design, a simple blade sign can make your restaurant signage pop – and help your restaurant to stand out from the crowd. Here are three examples of truly creative blade sign concepts for restaurateurs interested in upgrading their restaurant signage.

1. Double Cup Coffee іn Seoul, South Korea

A clear box over the front door at Double Cup Coffee is filled with medium-sized coffee cups. Lighting runs through the box and is evenly distributed, helping to attract guests at night or in the early morning with an eye-catching display.
restaurant signage -- double cup

2. Biwa Restaurant in Portland, Oregon, USA

The Biwa Restaurant’s blade sign is simple but, most importantly, visible. A sheet of metal is bent into an L-shape, with the restaurant’s name cut out on all sides, meaning the restaurant’s name is visible no matter where you look from on the street.

restaurant signage -- biwa

3. Casa Das Histórias Paula Rego

Anyone grabbing a bite to eat at the café in Casa Das Histórias Paula Rego will be directed to the restroom by this innovative little sign. The use of negative space over printed icons creates a fun, on-brand direction to guests while maintaining the subtlety of the museum surroundings.

restaurant signage -- paula rego

From lighting to bright colors to a complete lack of signage altogether, there are many creative ways to direct guests without looking like a kindergarten classroom – “restroom here, coats there.”

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