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Listen to the Creator of ‘Billions’ Discuss His Love of Restaurants

This week’s Eater Upsell (a podcast form the team behind Vox Media’s food website Eater) explores the relationship between Wall Street money and New York City restaurants through a conversation with Showtime’s Billions creator Brian Koppelman. Our love for Billions is no small secret (we’ve referenced it before, in fact) and Koppelman’s passion for food shines bright in the show.

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…and on his Twitter account, where he often makes dining recommendations.

Showtime Billions food restaurants

In the podcast aired August 21, he waxes philosophic about his love for Momofuku, his curiosity about chefs, and the importance of sharing food recommendations via social media: “Somehow those sort of connections about the things that hit us in a visceral place — the things that hit us both intellectually and emotionally — are sort of the most permanent in a way; these kind of shared loves or reactions to the things that move us.”

Listen to the full episode below:

Perhaps one of the most revealing portions of the interview — and one sure to resonate with restaurant operators and others in the industry — is when Koppelman discusses one of his biggest sources of inspiration: restaurants. “[I’m passionate about] the story of why people are doing what they’re doing when they’re putting food on the table for you. I like everything about what that is, and what that feels like.”

As Koppelman demonstrates, empathy is one of the cornerstones of hospitality. A simple lunch or dinner — be it at the New York pizza places or the five-star, white-tablecloth restaurants featured on his show in equal measure — truly has the power to change a person’s day and forge a lifelong impression.

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