Investor Due Diligence

There are lots of questions to ask when you are looking in to investing in a restaurant or hospitality concept. While working on investor due diligence projects, Aaron Allen & Associates design the process to move discussions from opinionated to factual, based on indisputable and quantified data. We will perform an evaluation of key operating ratios and measures, and compare these to industry benchmarks. You’ll want to see how you stack up against the competition (both direct and indirect) and we can help you do that.

We consume the research and turn raw data and facts into themes, stories, and actionable insights that are presented in a digestible fashion. Equally importantly, we will bring insights on the practical application of the trends and data being presented. Data and research look backward. While it’s incredibly important to understand the past, investing looks into the future. While the data may indicate trend lines and potential future implications based on those trend lines, the best predictors of what will shape up moving forward are the analysts rather than the researchers.

This deep-dive analysis of the full 360 degrees of the operation covering branding, people, product, process and individual location performance uncovers opportunities to unlock additional asset value. What makes us think we’ll find something more than any of the other very credible consultancies out there? We know what to be looking for. Our holistic, integrated approached to commercial and operational due diligence  as well as restaurant industry specialization, help us to uncover liabilities that could be hidden in the business operation that others may miss.