Value Creation and Operations Management

In the post-acquisition phase, we focus – naturally – on value creation. Working jointly with private equity firms, we support the expansion of well-positioned companies and turnaround of underperforming companies through revenue growth strategies, cost optimization initiatives, productivity improvements, and additional value enhancement opportunities.

Due to our wealth of experience in the restaurant and foodservice industries, we are also adept at acting as a partner to our PE clients, taking on the responsibility of day-to-day operations with a focus on yielding best-in-class performance metrics and delivering lucrative financial returns for all key stakeholders.

Throughout the holding period, we work to define a business’ full potential and capture its value by:

  • Re-engineering core business processes
  • Streamlining food costs, labor and hiring practices
  • Implementing industry best practices to develop infrastructure to institutionalize the business
  • Developing and implementing corporate governance systems
  • Working with management teams to reduce costs, improve sales, and expand margins
  • Aligning organizational capabilities with profitability drivers
  • Identifying high priorities and integrating new profit centers and expansions

Thoughtful, well-researched analysis merits is a critical piece of the private equity toolkit. Which is why, throughout the holding period, we also focus on investments that can help lead to further growth. Investments in infrastructure facilitate rapid expansion to help the company grow exponentially, on accelerated timeframes.