Hiring a Restaurant Consultant

Hiring a restaurant consultant is an important decision. One that should be weighed carefully as it is with this person that your business will take shape (or melt away completely.)

Some people in your life will seek to beat you down, supress you, bully you, brow-beat you, and play the devil’s advocate.  Especially in the case of the latter, they think they are serving you by helping you be “more realistic”.

As it turns out, the devil’s advocate never coached anyone to success.  The devil’s advoate serves only to help you believe you can achieve less than you desire or deserve.

Whether you’re in the restaurant industry or not, you should surround  yourself with those who believe in you, encourage you and help you be more courageous than you thought you could be.  If you can’t find those people, it’s better to be alone for a while.  As Lincoln one said, “Surround yourself with men of good quality, for it’s better to be alone than in bad company”.

While just a short 60 second commercial for a mega-brand, the Nike Courage video reminds us of the power of the human spirit.  It can rise to any occasion.  It will surge or recede in proportion to your desire and determination.

Who to Seek in Hiring a Restaurant Consultant

As you look into hiring a restaurant consultants, seek those who will not only be an asset in terms of technical ability, but also in terms of mindset and shared beliefs.  Don’t hire a devil’s advocate.  You can find plenty of those who will volunteer for free.  You don’t need or want eternal optimists who will kiss up to a client or idea blindly either though.  What you need and deserve is someone who will bleed, sweat, pray, sacrifice, and work relentlessly as you do yourself in pursuit of something special.

When you watch the video clip included, you will get the sense that greatness demands a serious commitment, determination, and a vision to do more than the ordinary.  Most likely, they either did it alone or with someone who was equally committed to the same. Be courageous and follow your dream with an unbendable deterimination surrounded by those who will work as tirelessly. Your success is in direct proportion to your willingness to pursue it.

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