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restaurant trendsThe global restaurant consultants at Aaron Allen & Associates outline restaurant trends and what’s ahead for the restaurant industry.
We are tracking hundreds of restaurant trends emerging around the world.  The pace of change is accelerating.  Success these days favors those companies who innovate; and that means not only knowing the restaurant trends, but creating them.  Aaron Allen & Associates is here to provide you the guidance and resources you need to understand important restaurant trends, what’s influencing them, why they matter, and what it all means for your company.Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and check back often. This is a large and complex industry with lots of change afoot, so we’re constantly adding more resources for you here.Let us know what you think – we appreciate comments, and we love it when you social share or link back to this page; it’s a great way to motivate us to keep the free restaurant marketing and restaurant trend spotting resources flowing.  And if you have specific questions about restaurant trends, try the “Ask Aaron” widget – we’ll answer as many questions as we can there and in our free newsletter that’s packed with new restaurant trends and research.

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 restaurant trends

    Influential People

    • Jim Sullivan and His Advice on Reinvigorating the Workforce

      July 15, 2011

      For those who don’t already know him, Jim Sullivan (CEO,, USA) has long been one of the industry’s top drawing speakers and a sought-after consultant.  His books have sold more than 650,000 copies worldwide and his client list...

    • Henry McGovern, Restaurant Industry CEO of AmRest Holdings

      July 13, 2011

      I’ve been blessed over my career to have met a lot of fascinating and accomplished people in the global restaurant industry.  On my short list of coolest (and most accomplished) restaurant industry CEO’s is Henry McGovern of AmRest Holdings....

    • Nick Vujicic

      December 25, 2010

      No matter what you have or don’t have, someone else has more or less. Life isn’t about what you have or don’t have; it’s about what you hope for others. It’s about what we’re grateful for. Related posts: Great...


    • Restaurant Uniforms Go Eco-Friendly

      October 3, 2013

      People nowadays are all talking about sustainability and creating an eco-friendly workplace. Increasingly, the restaurant industry is getting in on the “green scene” – from installing energy-efficient hand dryers to controlling water flow in the restroom faucets to using...

    • What’s Changed with Food Trucks?

      October 2, 2013

      The food truck sector of the restaurant industry has grown 8.4% from 2007 to 2012, and is slated to be a $2.7 billion business by 2017. From sustainable concepts to technological improvements, food trucks have come a long way...

    • Retro Cocktail Revival Brings Nostalgia to Growing Bar Trend

      September 25, 2013

      Bitters are back in the bar. Drinks your grandparents’ generation (and older) enjoyed have been rising in fashion since the mid-2000s, with a restaurant and bar trend towards a retro cocktail revival. Related posts: Waist vs. Taste: Get the...